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Want to Save your Marriage? Consider Buying a Storage Shed

shed-closeout-294x300 Isn’t a marriage great? Well, for some people, like Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and 50% of the population, it isn’t so great after all. Similar to preparing your backyard for a shed, if the foundation is not there, the relationship will collapse. The truth is that no matter how much we love someone, sometimes we hurt the ones we love the most. Using our storage shed on the left for example, a relationship needs to have an “open door policy” that allows each other to vent their feelings and listen to each other.




Shed Experts: Trying to Save Marriages- One sheds Marriage at a Time

While that may sound odd coming from us, we can help you avoid those painful arguments over not having enough space in your home or garage. Here is an example of how the argument starts between a husband and wife:

Rose: “Hey, I can’t walk in the garage. Could you please clean it now?”

Arthur: “There is nowhere to put anything. What do you want me to do, just stack everything on top of each other”?

Rose: “Well, you could get rid of that sport bike. You’re afraid of riding your ten speed, how are you going to ride your motorcycle”?

Arthur: “Hey, it was on sale. Plus, the salesmen gave me the helmet for free.”

Rose: “Yada, yada”?

shed-closeouts We are going to stop this argument right there. They could have just bought a storage shed and avoided the whole argument!

Arthur could have responded with:

“Sweetie, I will go inside, grab a cup of coffee and just buy a shed online. I am thinking 10×12 Gambrel style with a 10′ workbench, aluminum windows and a garden caddy. After it is installed, we will have more space inside our home”.

Rose: “Sure, sounds good”.sheds-unclutter-your-garage

Sheds Free Up Space in your Home

The fact is that if Arthur made the sensible decision and bought a shed to solve their space problems, the entire fight could have been avoided. Arthur bought a storage shed online. After their shed was professionally installed, he was able to put lawn equipment, garden tools and even his for-loved sport bike inside. The 10×12 shed freed up a lot of space in their home, garage and in their hearts.

Even after having 9 kids, they never moved from their 1,111 sq. ft. home. They can only thank their storage shed for that! To all the husband and wives out there, remember that if you’re ever fighting over issues like “this house is too small”, remember to think of your wooden friend; sheds.

For those who care, it has been 5 years since their verbal confrontation and his sport bike still remains untouched.

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