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Most Common Mistakes in Shed Storage

So you’ve finally gotten that storage shed you’ve been wanting. Time to get things out of the house/garage and into your storage shed, giving your bulging home a much needed break.

Before you get started transferring things from house to shed, take a look at the most common shed storage mistakes. Get a handle on your storage organization early on so that your storage building doesn’t become just another junk pile in your backyard.

Top Shed Storage Mistakes:

  1. Overpacking: Make sure your storage boxes are packed correctly and can be closed easily. Overstuffed boxes make them harder to move around and stack neatly.
  2. Poor labeling: Bad labeling makes it harder to find things when you need them. Make sure all your storage boxes are neatly labeled so you can find your seasonal items when you need them.



    It’s important to have an organized shed. However, be sure to label drawers and shelves so that it’s easy for you and the whole family to find the right tool for the job.

  3. Flimsy storage and wrapping materials: Don’t be afraid to invest in some sturdy plastic/rubber boxes instead of using cardboard. Anything that’s going to be in a storage shed should be packed in something that can withstand the elements. Heat, cold, and humidity can wear on paper materials. Beware of using newspaper, the ink bleeds, the paper decomposes and next thing you know, your valuables are unprotected. Use bubble wrap instead.
  4. Piling things on top of breakables: If you’re saving Grandma’s antique china, make sure you put it on top of the box stack or on a shelf by itself. Don’t put it somewhere and accidentally pile a big box of books on top.
  5. Stacking boxes on the floor and against walls: Get some pallets to stack your boxes. Pallets keep items off the floor away from the weather and pests.
  6. Lack of pest control: It’s unavoidable. Storage sheds attract pests by nature of being outside and away from humans. Keep traps up to date and rotate regularly to keep rodents and bugs out of your shed.
  7. Lack of organization for like items: Most people use backyard sheds

    A garden tool organizer can help keep your shed clean and easy to use.

    for more than one purpose. Storing holiday decoration and gardening tools are very common uses. Keep these items in their own spots. Like items should be stored near each other to make them easier to use and find when needed.

  8. Lack of shed accessories: There are many great shed organizers to be found. Tool racks, shelving, storage boxes with drawers are all great innovations for shed organization. Pick the most used items in your shed and find a good accessory to make the items easily available and organized.
  9. Lack of inventory: Keeping an inventory on your stored items is a great idea for a variety of reasons. You’ll need it for a homeowners insurance claim in the event of a robbery or a severe weather disaster. It also helps if you are just trying to remember where you put your stuff. It’s much easier to refer to your inventory list rather than digging through boxes.



    Our garden caddy could be the perfect little storage unit that could securely store your most commonly used tools such as a screwdriver or barbecue set.

  10. Using it for temporary storage: When you decide to store something in your shed, consider that once it goes in, it’s not likely to come out again anytime soon. Things that go into your storage shed should be something you plan on keeping for a while because once it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Don’t add things to your storage shed unless they are going in there permanently.
  11. Neglectful cleaning: Your storage shed is part of your household. Don’t forget to give it some much-needed upkeep on a regular basis. Sweep your floors to keep dirt and dust to a minimum; clean out cobwebs, and air out the place regularly. Make it a place that you feel comfortable in so that your storage items don’t become neglected.

Backyard Storage Done Right…

These are just some of the more common shed storage mistakes. Following these rules will keep your storage building neat and organized.


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