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Shed Painting Ideas & Tips to Make your Shed Stand Out

Buying a storage shed may not be as exciting as buying a Corvette, but there are things you can do to make your shed look a little bit more “classy.” For example, you can paint your storage shed for that extra special touch. Painting your shed is also important for extending its lifespan and validating the warranty. Below are some of our shed painting ideas and tips.

Make Sure Your Shed is Clean

If you try painting on dirty walls, the end result will be messy. Paint also adheres better to a clean shed. Even if there is no visible dirt or grime on the wood, wiping everything down right before painting is a good idea. You can use a brush, wet rags, and/or a broom to clean debris off the shed. Just be careful when using a hose, as pooling water can affect the shed's foundation.

Caulk First

Before you begin painting, caulk along all the seams of the shed. In other words, caulk wherever two pieces of wood meet. This step will prevent moisture from entering the shed over time. Just be sure to keep the caulk away from metal hardware like door hinges and handles.

Choose the Right Paint

The best type of paint to use on a shed is a premium quality, 100% acrylic latex paint designed for outdoor use, such as Sherwin Williams A-100 exterior paint. We recommend using a brush to reach smaller areas and corners, and following up with a paint roller to spread the paint quickly and evenly over the largest areas of the siding. Using your tools in this order will give you the cleanest results.

Choose the Right Paint Brush

Make sure to use a high-quality paint brush. Cheap paint brushes will leave streaks and lose bristles as you paint. Having a few different sizes of paint brushes can come in handy for tight and hard-to-reach areas. If you plan to paint in more than one color, use a different brush and/or roller for each color.

Tape Off Parts That You Do Not Want to Paint

Remember to use painter's tape to cover hinges, locks, trim, and windows to avoid any paint splatter. You can also use painter's tape to create clean lines if you are using more than one color on your shed.

Slow and Steady

The more patient you are, the better the paint job will look. You may be tempted to lay your paint on thick in an attempt to finish faster, but this tends to give you messier results. Painting in thinner coats helps avoid runs, drips, and sags in the paint. Each layer will also dry faster and more evenly, saving you time in the long run. Do at least two coats, or more if necessary. Lighter colors of paint, as well as paint of lesser quality, may need more coats.

When choosing paint colors, most of our customers try to match their house. However, there is no harm in thinking outside of the box. We encourage you to make the choice that will make you happy to see your shed every day. Good luck, and happy painting!

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