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Accessories can Make Shed Organization Much Easier


A workbench is a common accessory purchased for a wooden storage shed.

Once you buy a wooden storage shed, just like a home, you’ve got do some internal organization. No need to buy curtains, but there are a few things you’ll need to get to start your shed organization plans.

Shelves, workbenches and the like, are just a few of the items you’ll need to get your storage shed in proper working order. After all, you can’t just dump your tools on the floor!



Keep your shed tidy with these tips

Shelving and Workbenches – Maximizing Space and Organization Capabilities

organizing-your-shed-274x300 Our 12 inch shelving comes in 8 foot and 10 foot lengths. It fits nicely on the walls, leaving you more walking room inside your shed. And it’s great for storing and organizing all your tools and equipment.

Our 8 foot and 10 foot workbenches offer up great areas for working on your latest project. Alternative uses for the workbenches also include over-sized shelf or a storage loft.

Gardening Accessories

For gardeners, we have some nice additions to your wooden storage shed.

gardencaddy_limited__63699_zoom-300x213-1 Our wall-mounted garden caddy attaches nicely on the outer wall of your storage shed. This garden caddy is lovely, crafted from cedar for long life. With a work surface and five shelves (two adjustable) and a wood peg hanging system to organize your gardening trowels, seeds, gloves and all your other tiny tools you need to keep outside for your garden. It works great for an extra surface while grilling too!

Add some flower boxes to your wooden storage shed for additional beautification. Pick from a large flower box or a small flower box.

Light and Ventilation

To make your wooden storage shed more user-friendly, add some ventilation or a window, or both!


A venting skylight will give you natural light and ventilation in your wooden storage shed.

To add some extra natural light pick out a nice venting skylight. Constructed from weather resistant polypropylene, a skylight will give you natural sunlight and fresh air while you’re working.

Maybe you prefer a good old-fashioned window. Open and shut this white aluminum window, featuring safety glass, insect screen and wood trim.

If all you wish for is some extra air, installing a pair of wall vents to provide air circulation will do the trick. Vents will keep your air breathable by allowing heat and moisture to escape along with toxic chemicals from gasoline and fertilizer fumes. Vents will also keep your wooden storage shed cooler in the summer.

Metal Ramps and Auger Anchors

metal-ramps-for-easy-access-150x150 Keep your wooden storage building safe and secure with these metal auger anchors. Auger anchors dig into the ground below to keep your building solidly intact.

If you are storing automotive equipment such as a riding lawnmower or an ATV, these rust-resistant metal ramps provide easy access for outdoor equipment.

Adding Functional Accessories and Getting your Shed Organized Should be a Fun Process

While you don’t need to do a ton to get your wooden storage shed in order, it is necessary to pick out a few optional accessories that will fit your day-to-day backyard needs for your shed. Don’t waste another minute, get your shed organized by adding a shelf or perhaps a workbench!

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