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How to Prep Your Backyard for Shed Delivery & Installation


ShedLiquidators-PrepYourBackyard-Images-01If you plan on getting a new shed in the future or have one on the way (congrats!), you will need to take some time to prepare your backyard before professional installation. This prep involves obtaining permits, picking a spot for your shed, clearing space, and creating a level foundation. It takes some extra work and thought, but the extra life you’ll get out of your shed will be well worth it.


Obtain Permits & Permissions

Contact your local homeowner’s association and/or local building authority to ensure your shed meets any restrictions on the intended purpose, building sizes, siding, roof type, and foundations. Restrictions can vary by state, county, or city, so check with your local municipality for in-depth information on building and zoning codes.


Choose the Installation Spot

Choosing the right site for your shed is crucial for a long-lasting shed, easy maintenance, and quick installation.


Clearance Around the Shed

The shed site needs 3 feet of clearance around all 4 sides and above the shed to ensure there’s enough room to build, paint, and maintain it.  


High Ground

If you know there is a low-lying area in your yard that retains water at certain times of the year, then you should avoid putting your shed there. This will increase the chance of damage to your shed floor, rot, mold, and possibly wood-loving insects like termites.


Level Ground

The site should be close to level, within 6 inches or less. If there are no sufficiently level areas in your yard, you will need to level the site, either with leveling blocks or additional site preparation. If you purchase a professional installation package through us, we offer a leveling package add-on that includes the cost of additional labor and materials. With the leveling package, we will level your site up to 18 inches.



Our professionals will need access to electricity within 150 feet of the shed to use their power tools.


Natural Light

Think about where the windows and door are in your shed. Especially if you’re using the shed for a workspace, you may want to choose a spot that lets in natural light or has a nice view (or both).


Lay a Foundation (Optional)

Our professionally installed sheds are built on 4x4 pressure-treated runners, so you can install a shed without needing a foundation. If you already have a concrete slab on your property from a previous shed, we can install a shed on top of it so long as the slab is level within ½ inch and meets or exceeds the size of your shed.


Keep in mind, if you are building a new concrete slab foundation, you will need to wait 7 days for it to cure before your shed is built on it.


Remove Your Old Shed

Shed Liquidators does not provide shed removal services. If you have an old shed in the same place where you would like your new shed, you will need to remove it before installation begins.


Clear Space

Before your shed is installed, make sure to clear the area of any trees or shrubs that may get in the way. If you plan to keep some trees or shrubs in these areas, consider keeping a path clear that runs all the way around your shed.

You should also get rid of any weeds on the building site. They can be strong enough to pop through the foundation and floor of your shed. To get rid of weeds, you can use chemical weed controllers, dig the weeds out by hand, or lay down horticultural fabric that will keep weeds from growing by blocking their light source.


Pick Up Paint & Caulk

After installation, you will need to caulk the joints and paint your shed to protect it from water. This should be done within 30 days of shed installation. The good news is that all of our sheds come pre-primed and ready for painting. It is a little bit of extra work, but it gives you the opportunity to choose the exact color that you want your shed to be.  The exact amount of paint you will need varies from shed to shed and can be found in the instructions (on the product page and included with your order).


It’s important to think carefully about where you want your shed to go and to prep your backyard before it is installed. This will ensure that your shed will last for many years to come.

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