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Don’t Add On To Your Home Until You Read This

metal-sheds-vs-wood-sheds-1 Just off the top of my head, I’d say it’s less expensive to install a backyard shed rather than add on to a home. And also, certainly more convenient. Home additions can be a pain. But I wonder how much the difference is and is it really worthwhile?

The Differences Between a Backyard Shed & Home Additions

Adding on to your home will cost anywhere from $60 – $200 per square foot. And that’swood-backyard-sheds-300x174 just the materials. For a 250 square foot room, the low end would run you about $15,000. Tack on another $10-$15,000 for labor and you’re looking at around $25,000 for a larger room.

Now the average room size is not quite that big. So, half that for a 125 square foot room. Even so, that’s still over $12,000, unless you do it yourself. Then you’re looking at spending around $7,500 for an average sized bedroom.

Added Inconvenience

Pricing is much higher when spending on a home addition vs purchasing a backyard shed. Not to mention the inconvenience. Room installations and renovations can run into months, averaging 2-4 months depending on what you’re doing. Living in a home while renovations are happening can be trying. Working around schedules. Getting up early, coming home later, needing to be out of the house while certain work is performed, can all be draining.

Backyard Shed Pricing : $1,199 – $3,999


A backyard shed for $1,199 or home addition for $5,000-$20,000. It’s your choice.

Our smallest backyard shed is on sale for $1199. This is much less than the area of home addition pricing above. So comparing the same price for a shed vs a home addition, you’re looking at $1,499 for a 10X12 shed. Or  $3,999 for a 12 X 20 Gambrel Shed. That’s a savings of about $21,000.


These are all estimates and simple pricing guidelines. Naturally, it’s not quite this simple. There are other considerations to take into account. Pricing will vary depending on the construction company and economy in your area. Larger metro areas with higher property values will see higher construction prices.

Factors to Consider

Things to consider as you ponder whether to shell out for a home addition vs a shed purchase.

  • – Finances: Which one is more worthwhile to you?
  • – Use of space: What will you be doing with your space?
  • – Construction pricing: How much is construction in your neck of the woods?
  • – Long-term use: How long will you use the space and do you hope to recapture some of the monies

Backyard Sheds Might Be the Cost-Saving Solution you have been looking for…

All in all, getting a backyard shed is a very personal and subjective decision. Home additions are way more costly than installing a shed in your backyard. You may find that when you run down this list, you realize that in the long run, backyard sheds may be just the perfect decision.


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